basement conversion in London

basement conversion in london: a booming trend

the concept of basement conversion in london has been gaining prominence in recent years.
as property prices continue to rise, homeowners are seeking alternative ways to make the most of their existing space.
this has led to a growing trend of utilizing basements for conversion into functional living areas.

one of the main reasons why basement conversion in london has become so popular is the scarcity of land available for housing.
as the city becomes more densely populated, homeowners are realizing the potential lying beneath their feet – the basement.
by transforming this typically unused space into a livable area, they can maximize the value and utility of their property.

basement conversions offer numerous benefits.
firstly, they provide additional living space without the need for expanding the property footprint.
this is particularly advantageous in london, where space is limited, and building upwards may not be feasible due to planning restrictions.

basement conversions can serve various purposes depending on the homeowner’s needs.
they can be transformed into comfortable bedrooms, stylish home offices or playrooms for children.
some homeowners even choose to create self-contained flats or rental units, providing an excellent opportunity for additional income.

basement conversions offer a unique opportunity to enhance your property’s value.
by utilizing this unused space creatively, you can significantly increase the overall worth of your property, making it a more appealing investment option for potential buyers.

it is important to note that basement conversions require careful planning and execution.
hiring a professional contractor experienced in basement conversion in london is crucial to ensure the project is completed safely and in compliance with building regulations.
factors such as adequate ventilation, damp-proofing, and proper insulation must be considered to create a healthy and habitable living space.

it is essential to evaluate the feasibility of a basement conversion in your specific property.
factors such as the depth and condition of the existing basement, potential obstacles like utility pipes, and the need for light wells or emergency exits must be taken into account.
conducting a thorough structural survey is highly recommended before beginning any conversion works.

basement conversion in london has become a popular trend due to the scarcity of land and the need for additional living space.
this innovative solution allows homeowners to maximize their property’s potential while increasing its value.
however, it is vital to undertake proper planning and consult professionals to ensure a successful conversion.
with careful consideration and expert guidance, transforming your basement into a functional living area can be a smart and rewarding investment.

cheap smm panel

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Boost Your Instagram Presence with the smm panel BulkFollows – Our In-depth Review

social media has become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike to connect, engage, and expand their reach.
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Protect Your Privacy with the Best Free Proxies list of 2021

title: a comprehensive guide to accessing the free proxy list

in today’s digitally-driven world, where privacy and security concerns are on the rise, using a free proxy list has become increasingly popular.
whether you want to access geo-restricted content, protect your online identity, or bypass internet censorship, the availability of a reliable free proxy list is essential.
in this article, we will explore the significance of free proxy lists and how they empower users to navigate the web anonymously and securely.

understanding free proxy lists:
a free proxy list is a collection of ip addresses and corresponding port numbers that serve as intermediary servers between a user’s device and the website they want to visit.
these proxies act as a bridge, forwarding your internet requests and allowing you to browse the web using a different ip address.
as a result, your real ip remains hidden, providing enhanced anonymity and protecting your privacy.

benefits of the free proxy list:
bypassing restrictions: free proxy lists grant access to content and websites that may be restricted due to geographic, governmental, or organizational reasons.
by connecting through a proxy server, you can appear as if you are browsing from a different location, enabling you to bypass these restrictions seamlessly.

anonymity and privacy: when utilizing a free proxy list, your internet activities are encrypted and routed through the proxy server, ensuring that your online identity remains hidden.
this safeguards your personal information from data snoopers, hackers, or malicious third parties.

enhanced security: by acting as a middleman, a proxy server can offer an additional layer of security between your device and the website you visit.
this shields your device from potential threats, including malware, viruses, and phishing attacks.

finding the right free proxy list:
to effectively utilize a free proxy list, it is essential to find a reputable source that regularly updates the list with reliable and functional proxies.
services like ‘’ provide curated lists of proxies, ensuring that you have access to top-quality servers that deliver fast and secure connections.

in short: a free proxy list is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their internet experience.
it enables users to browse the web anonymously, bypass restrictions, and protect their privacy and security.
by utilizing a reliable source such as ‘free-proxies-list,’ users can confidently access a curated list of proxies that can positively impact their online activities.
remember, opting for a free proxy list can be an excellent step towards safeguarding your privacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

Boost Your Twitter Presence with Real and Affordable Likes

in today’s digital age, social media platforms have become the cornerstone for businesses and individuals to connect with their audience and promote their products or services.
twitter, with its millions of active users, holds tremendous potential for expanding one’s online presence.
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you are investing in your social media success.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter Likes in a business

Twitter is one of the social network’s platforms that a company can use to penetrate the digital market in the modern world. With many people resorting to shopping online at the comfort of their homes on the gadgets, there is the need for a business to build a strong presence online. But with every company resorting to the digital platform, there is the need for a business to employ other means and go an additional mile to stand out of it the fierce competition. Twitter likes an automated service that generates fake likes on a post when shared online. Though known to provide a successful, stable profile online some disadvantages have been associated with the employing of these service in a business which might impact the company negatively. Below are the problems related to the use of this service in a business.

  • No real sales are generated
  • Business integrity is questioned
  • Targeting challenges
  • Spam

No actual sales made: Though an account might have many likes that are produced by this services, without real followers, there will be no sales generated in the business because the organic followers will not be converted to sales. When this has been realized the function of this service will be void because in business any service that has been invested in should bring in revenue.

Business integrity: When a business employs such a service, there is an increase in the likes that will follow any post shared. If a company is in its initial stages, many such likes will raise eyebrows because they are unrealistic. Once the doubts have been raised, the general business integrity will be put to the question which in turn will make the business and all its services not be trusted and have its integrity questioned. This will impact negatively on the general running of the company and reduce its sales and revenues.

Targeting challenges:  With Twitter, there are challenges in finding the right target market for company’s products and services. With such problems associated with Twitter, employing such services will not be beneficial to a company because once the likes have been generated and the post has not reached the ideal market, then no sales will be realized.

Spam: Twitter is meant to be more of a socializing application. When an account engages in marketing of its products and services on this platform, it risks closure. There are strict policies that have been put in place to minimize the levels of marketing on this platform. When an account gets spammed, the whole essence of it being a marketing tool will lose its meaning resulting in loss of customers and revenue

Twitter likes a good service that can help a business scale its business but should be used sparingly because its negative impacts can be harmful to a business. As mentioned above, a company will want to use Twitter as a means of marketing and reach to the vast online market, so little gains will be achieved if an account is either closed of loses integrity in the eyes of the potential clients.

How to Get Twitter Retweets

In a world where social media has become a priority in every aspect, it is really understandable that people will spend a lot of their time trying to see how they can get more followers and more likes on these social media platforms. People are basically looking for greater and bettervisibility on the platforms. To get visibility on a platform such as twitter, one can use a large number of followers, likes or twitter retweets. These retweets have proven to be a very effective way of getting visibility. Once a tweet starts to get retweeted, it reaches a bigger number of people within a short time. It will reach even people who do not know the originator of the tweet and will consequently create awareness about the originator of the tweet.

Getting twitter retweets can seem like a very hard thing to do but it really is no as one is willing to invest the time and effort that is required to get them. Thereis one fundamental fact that cannot be ignored; content is what gets retweeted. People will notjustretweet your tweets for the sake of doing so. They will usually be moved by the content that you have posted. His content has to appeal to them in one way or another; they need to be able to relate with it. Once content appeals to the reader, it is very easy for the reader to want to share the content and it will thus be easier for them to retweet it.

That being said, if you are looking to get twitter retweets, you first need to identify your targetmarket. You cannotplease everyone all the time; you therefore need to select a certain demographic of people that you will target. You can choose to go with the youth, girls, children, working class people just to mention but a few.  The most important thing being that you need to go with a demographic that you can easily identify with.

Once you have selected your demographic, you need to then get to understand the kind of information that they enjoy on twitter. You need to carry out your research. Follow the trends; look at what information the selected demographic usually retweets. This will give you an idea of the kind of contentthat you should be posting.Once you have identified the content, you need to start creating your own unique content that is in line with your findings and make sure that it is appealing to the demographic, you will be well on your way to getting the twitter retweets that you need.

You will also need to check your following. Make sure that most of the people that you are following and that are following you are of that particular demographic. This will make it easier for them to spot the content once you post it then they can retweet it. You will typically find thatpeopleof a certain demographic follow each other. You will find that the ones that you already have in your following also have a following of the same demographic making it easier for you to get even more twitter retweets. Once those in your following retweet, those that are in their following will also see the tweet and provided it applies to them they will also retweet.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Weather Station

A weather station can very basically be described as a collection of weather instruments that has been put together and is used to collect information on various weather elements.They have become very popular in the recent past and are vastly being used in homes all over. The main reason for this is the fact that they are giving people information on expected weather patterns and thus allowing people to prepare themselves accordingly. As technology has continued to evolve, so has these stations and today we even have wireless ones. These ones relay information automatically and one does not necessarily have to keep on checking the instruments themselves to get the information that they are looking for.

There are quite a number of benefits that come with having these stations at home.One gets to learn of weather patterns, one gets to anticipate the weather patterns and can adequately prepare themselves. They can assist with things as simple as what one will wear as they go out to the more complex things like planning a travel or another big project. For this reason, there are quite a number of people that are opting to purchase the weather station. Below are a number of factors that you ought to consider before you purchase one and they can work to help you make the right decision.

What will you be using the weather station for? This is a very important question to ask yourself. Remember that all the instruments that you will be purchasing will cost money and they will also require maintenance. You do not want to rush and start spending money on things that you will not even be using. Are you looking for the station so that you can have a basic idea of what the weather will look like? Are you doing it because you want to handle a certain professional project? Are you a weather man and are perhaps trying to get into some related business from the comfort of your home? If you will simply be using the station for telling daily weather patterns, you need not spend money on a complex station with a lot of instruments; just get yourself the basic instruments. If you are going to be doing it on a large scale and professional level though you will require investing a bit more money in getting the station.

How much money do you have at your disposal? This is another very important question. You need not go and break your bank simply because you want to buy yourself a weather station. Be honest with yourself on the amount of money that you are able to spend on the station at that particular time. Carry out your research from a few vendors and find out what your money can buy you. What you can do is start small with just a few instruments. You can start with the basic instruments such as the rain gauge and thermometer. As time goes by, you can go on buying more and more instruments. It is not an emergency situation and you do have the option to take your time and do everything right.

How good are you at reading the weather instruments? It is true that you can learn how to decipher the information that is got from these instruments. However, are you willing to learn? Do you just want a weather station that will be providing you with the information that you need or you want one that will require you to be fully hands on?  You need to be very careful when answering this question. If you choose to go with the one that will require you to be hands on you have to know that you will be spending quite a lot of time collecting the information from the instruments. In the event that you want one that will basically be giving you the information that you need, it would be good for you to go for a wireless one. The wireless weather station collects data using the instruments placed outside then relays the information automatically to a display unit that is usually placed inside. This way all you will need to do is look at the display unit and you will be able to get all the information that you need.

Free Instagram views why they are important?


As the world takes a totally different turn, people now have the chance to share instant photos and images right from their hand held gadgets.    There is so much fun in knowing that you can share the same not only with your friends but the world at large at such special moments as they take place.  One of the Apps that have made this possible is Instagram.   Most people love and enjoy the idea of being able to share their social presence.   Being a social network, remember you are not alone and the competition is quite high.  Free Instagram views allows you to enjoy some very attractive features and share memorable photos with others.

Sharing requires followers and having followers for somebody who is new can be quite mind boggling.  But you need not worry.  You can still become famous and have a large number of followers by just making the right choice.    The secret is that for people to enjoy your photos on the platform, you need to use the availed tools to bring them to life.   Dull and boring photos will never earn you a following.  You also need to catch up with your friends and followers through the latest technology in posting and sharing photos.

Instagram has a large number of users at any given time and research indicates that currently its one of the largest growing social networks.   What started small in 2010 is currently taking the world by storm.  Lest we forget, the reason this is happening is because people now use hand held gadgets for nearly every transaction and having their images taken and edited takes just a few minutes of their time.  If you are looking for free followers on Instagram, you must make sure it is worth sharing.    You also need to consider the issue of data usage and how they affect your usage.

The new free Instagram video views helps you save on data.  It is fast, it is stylish and most of all, it is a cost-effective way of increasing your followers.  Downloading only takes a few minutes of your precious time but the usage lasts forever.   Over the years, the issue of having false followers is something that Instagram had to contend with.  It gave a bad name and as it came to be understood a group of young adults i.e. age 17 – 20 something chose to open faux accounts to share images.  To such the fin-stagram platform became a burden.

In the real sense a photo sharing platform should not become a burden.  Remember this is where back-stabbers have a hay day as they know they are on their own.  In fact you should give your viewers and followers something to look for.  Sharing photos is fun and if you want to increase your following, what you really share matters greatly.   There are a lot of advantages that users enjoy when they download APK on their gadgets, smart phones or Android phones.   Some of the benefits you will enjoy include the following:-f2

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of real followers.  Fake followers will make your account to be suspended and this is something nobody wants to happen to them.
  • Safety is guaranteed.  Security is ensured and you will not have to enter a password to enter your account.   It has been noted that normally a person has over 5 passwords.  Remembering such can sometimes be just difficult.
  • Your followers are ensured of enjoying quality photos.  You have all the gadgets within your reach to ensure that every photo or video you share is fully altered/edited and properly adjusted accordingly.
  • As a user of the App.  You will enjoy a large increase number of followers.  They do not give you free followers but help you promote you account thereby giving you the chance to increase your following just to name a few.

But just before you download the App you need to have an account in place.  You cannot download the same without an Instagram account.    You just don’t have to sit down and wait for followers to come.  Simply get to like other user’s accounts and if possible follow them.  The social media platform is about sharing and that in essence is where the catch is.

Interestingly, Free Instagram views does not cost a single cent.  It’s absolutely free and the good thing is that once you install it you will be able to easily upgrade to newer versions that are better and faster with better and interesting added features.    The app is for personal and home use only and as a user you can easily download it in your smartphone or desktop.  The process is quite easy and all the installing process is provided thereby making it easier to do so even for a newbie.   You do not need professional help to install the app.  Can you imagine that!

Some of the new features you will enjoy include getting to know when someone whom you follow has liked your page.  You will also be able to fully get to know the usernames of those who have likes your posts or comments after only four likes or posts.  There is so much to enjoy that you cannot choose to ignore.  If you have been looking for better way to make collages then you need not look further, this is where your answer lies.  It is just incredible and with the features availed; it will simply take your breath away.

Remember that each single day millions of people are on Instagram and the competition is relatively high.  If you want to make a difference and let your photo stand out, choose to enjoy the untold benefits that those who use the Free Instagram views enjoy.  Your photos will stand out and you will increase your number of followers in leaps and bounds.   If you want to create an incredible success you can, do not underrate the features that allow you to stand out.  Choose today to make a difference and stand out among the crowd.  Instagram is an awesome site to make it all happen.





Do you want to be heard? Make it virtual

It is also worth noting that as you make yourself heard on social media, you should consider being visual.  Do you know that available research and studies indicates that people react faster to anything visual?  As the saying goes ‘a picture is more than a thousand words’ here is true.  If you want to tweet, it is important and necessary to be bold.  Everybody now has gadgets that make it easier to take photos virtually anywhere.  Why not capture on that to help you increase the number of Twitter likes you receive.

Visual tweeting has a way of making your tweets stand out.  If you have never tried it or thought of it, then there is absolutely no harm doing so.   You have all the answers to attracting a large number of Twitter likes through the pictures you share with others on the platform.   The first and most important thing worth considering as you share your post is to make them attention grabbing.  The simple secret is as you share your photos or virtual image; don’t forget to add content to it too.

Do you find Instagram free followers necessary?

If you are currently in need of free followers in your social media account, then, you are so fortunate that there are many apps nowadays that offer such program. There are sites which are especially committed to assist users with all the data which they may need so to maximize the number of their followers in their social media profile.

However, when it comes to choosing the apps that is right for you, you have to very mindful and pick only the ones that you think is trustworthy enough to do transactions with. Of course, you have to take into account that there are lots of services at present that are only there to do some tricky transactions and steal one’s personal information for fraud purposes.

In like manner, when the deal is completely free, you have to do your own research first to confirm if the app is safe enough to use and consider in increasing the number of your free followers. Make sure that when using the service, you absolutely have nothing to risk and to lose.

Why do you need Free Likes in your Social Media Account?

Needless to say, the reason why you join social media is for you to be able to reach out to many people as possible so you could easily expand your circle whether this is for personal or business purposes or use. In addition, every user wishes to be popular.

So, why does your social media profile actually need Free Likes? In truth, there are a number of social networking platforms these days that grows rapidly. Indeed, they have gained fame and can certainly provide you a renowned status just like that of celebrities particularly if your profile exhibits a hint of being popular.

For you to be well-known in any social networking site, you need to ensure that the number of likes in your profile is significantly increased. Once you have countless of likes in your profile, this would captivate the attention of many social networking users and you will have greater chances of being followed by many.

The good news is that there are certain apps available these days that offer Free Likes so users can maximize the number of their followers.

Increasing Your Social Proof on Twitter Using The Automatic Favorite.

If using the Twitter platform to market your goods and services, consider using the automatic favorites feature to increase your social proof. Any marketing expert will agree that is the only feature that is of importance in this digital era. With everything done online, you have to convince your potential clients that you exist and you deliver what you are marketing. The use of retweets and automatic favorite  will boost your credibility and make you acquire adequate followers you have to turn now into clients.


With the numbers obtained due to this feature, your engagement levels are taken a top north higher. This is because the automation keeps the conversation going even if you not around. Basing on the settings, your followers may feel appreciated and may tag their followers your way. The number of followers you gaining confirms your online presence and gives you an edge over your competitors. Everyone is using this platform to market hence this automation is a step ahead of the rest. These retweet and favorite automation acts like a 24/7 customer care service for you.

What Having Automatic Favorites Can Do For You?

When it comes to our social media profile, many of us wish to have more likes and be able to catch the attention of our friends and followers. While it is true that some people who have social media accounts do not really prefer to get famous or connect to countless of different people in the world of social media, still it is undeniable that it is definitely a great feeling when someone loves your post, your photo or video or anything that you have decided to share with everyone. At times, even though you’re not that so addicted to social media, it somehow makes you feel slightly affected when not even one appreciated what you have shared or posted.

For this reason, if you do not want to feel a little heartbroken when no one even glances or likes your content, there are a few proven effective ways to somehow obtain likes to your posts. These days, there are a number of apps that you could rely on and one of these is getting automatic favorites. This simply means that you need not feel embarrassed when nobody even liked or appreciated your post since you can automatically get favorites without sweating much or without appearing like you are begging for attention.

What can you do to acquire automatic favorites for your posts or shared contents?

You need to make a thorough research about the most useful, reliable and most trusted social media app that a lot of social media users use in order to ensure that you can take pleasure in a good service. It is worth mentioning that there are apps that are free of charge while there are apps that charge certain fees to enjoy their service. Of course, prior agreeing with their terms and conditions, you have to ensure that you carefully understand the agreement.

The good news is that various auto engagement and auto favorites’ services can quickly help expand social media users’ influence in the social media world. Take in mind that once you pick one of the available plans, then you will have the opportunity to obtain the following:

  • Engagement from active as well as real users
  • Get retweets and likes on all your posts or contents or tweets
  • Acquire safe, organic and quick results
  • Broader, more credible and stronger reach
  • Take pleasure in risk-free or money-back guarantee offers

Please be guided that while it is a reality that there are lots of available options on how to get auto retweets, auto likes or auto favorites on diverse forms of social media platforms at present, you have to be certainly certain if the app you chose is reputable and would not disclose any personal information. Needless to say, although you want to have more engagement with your followers, this does not literally imply that it will be all right if your personal data won’t be kept confidential. Surely, you always have to make your personal data as private as possible.



Retweeting your way to fame can be easy and worthwhile if you care to know how to do it the right way

One important thing you will learn on the Twitter platform is that it allows you to share information or tweets shared by other people.   It is therefore important and worth noting that retweeting also needs to be coordinated if you want your readers to identify with you easily.  Do not do so blindly by retweeting any item that you find worthwhile on the platform.  If you care to check how the famous use their retweets, you will realise that they have one thing in particular; their retweeting pattern is geared towards one particular item or industry.

As user on the social media platform, you can build your social network to a specific interest and something that you easily identify with.  If you are in the fashion industry, the network is afloat with new fashions trends and tweets every single day.  Build your niche of automatic retweets to make it easier for your followers to identify with you.   It will help build you and lay a foundation that will take long to undo.  Try it and see the results, it is not too late.

Why Subscribing to an Automatic Retweet Program is good for you

Some people oppose paid automatic retweet programs, yet they have tons of benefits to anyone who uses them. Think of getting competitive advantage for example. When more people see your tweet retweeted, they are more likely to do the same. Similarly, people are more likely to favorite your tweet if there several other people have done the same for you. The overall benefit of more exposure is that you have more growth potential, higher conversation rate and potentially more sales.

Creating Social Proof

Whether you joined twitter for business or for the fan of it, the best way to increase your following is by creating social proof. Send a tweet that gives others a reason to retweet it, and you are bound to attract more followers. Unfortunately, building social proof is a long and disappointing process when you are just not popular enough.Fortunately, that’s where an automatic retweet program comes in handy. Instead of you struggling to send tweets that are reacting to; an auto retweet program create that impression by automatically retweeting your tweets. In turn, having more retweets show twitter users that you are an authority in what you say and that your tweet demands more conversation.

Building your Credibility

According to studies, twitter credible people enjoy the highest conversation rates. Science also approves of the study. People are more likely to retweet, favorite and react to what you tell them if you can prove that you are credible. There are few ways to prove that you are a credible on twitter other than give them social proof. Show them that other twitter users have retweeted your tweets before and they are more likely to do believe that what you are telling them is right.

Better Twitter Ranks

Want twitter to display your account out there? Show them you are worth it. Build a stream of conversations by posting quality tweets. Use your automatic retweet program to create social proof that will lead to more people following you. At the end of it, your twitter account will rank higher for the keywords you most commonly talk about.

Viral Content Sharing

If you are a keen twitter user, you may have realized that the most viral stories come from already famous twitter users. And that’s because they have many people to share their highly impressive tweets immediately they are posted on twitter. The same thing can happen to you. Use an auto retweet program to create credibility and social proof and you will get thousands of people follow you in a few weeks’ time. Show them that your content is worth sharing by keeping it top quality and well researched. And the moment you share an insanely unique tweet, they will be more than ready to share it to as many people as possible.

In conclusion, all of the above benefits are tied to one thing-creating social proof through and automatic retweet program. Once you have proof that your tweets are worth sharing, everything else can be built over time.







What is better, your reputation or likes?

Are you out to impress friends, family or employers through your social media platform?  If you do, then you need to consider investing in automatic likes.   Most social media platforms have features where you can obtain the likes but you need to wary of one thing.   Your account details will no longer be restricted and if you are not careful, you may be able to damage your reputation through hackers who are just looking for such opportunities.  If you want likes automatically, nothing could be better than getting the same the right way.

Online media platform is global and if you want to maintain your stand and friendship avoid shortcuts that will send endless amount of embarrassing spam to the same people you were out to impress or even strangers.  It is there important to sign up with a company that identifies with you and will at no given time as you for your password.  Avoid these kinds of apps that offer you numerous automatic likes on any social media platform.  They will end up compromising your account and give you a bad name online something nobody in their right minds want to do.


Proven ways to build your followers on social media platform

Do you know you do not have to pay a single cent to get free followers on any social media platform?   Now that you know you that you can get them for free, how do you entice the same team to follow you?  You simply have to get out of the box to get that attention you are looking for.  First of all look at the people you consider have made a great impact on these platforms.  Find out what they post and if you think it is something you enjoy follow them and comment on their posts.  Other users will also want to be part of your team.

It is not just about commenting on their posts, but go ahead and if possible engage them in conversation.  This is what most people rarely do.  There is more than following an individual, interact with them on the social media platform and from such you will create an impact and before you realise it, your number of free followers will be on the increase.  It is an easy way and quite effortless way of making your voice heard on a social media platform.  But be relevant.


What Instagram Free Likes Can Do For You

Instagram is one of the big waves that swept the social media lovers off their feet. You get to look at pictures without having to read boring status updates and other stories that are irrelevant. People also get to see the posts of your pictures. Most people on Facebook have instagram. Getting a lot of likes on the platform is hard as you need a large number of followers and this requires you to follow people and that is a time consuming process. Getting free likes will definitely help you.

This is so because you will get a lot of people liking your pictures. This boosts your ratings with your followers highly. Getting a lot of likes on your posts makes you look like a social media celebrity. In the end, it may be beneficial in getting you more followers. More likes from using free likes helps you get more people commenting on your posts. This also boosts your ratings really well. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of hours following people and waiting about a week before they follow you back and maybe a month before they start liking your pics.