Do you want to be heard? Make it virtual

News 05:02 February 2024:

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It is also worth noting that as you make yourself heard on social media, you should consider being visual.  Do you know that available research and studies indicates that people react faster to anything visual?  As the saying goes ‘a picture is more than a thousand words’ here is true.  If you want to tweet, it is important and necessary to be bold.  Everybody now has gadgets that make it easier to take photos virtually anywhere.  Why not capture on that to help you increase the number of Twitter likes you receive.

Visual tweeting has a way of making your tweets stand out.  If you have never tried it or thought of it, then there is absolutely no harm doing so.   You have all the answers to attracting a large number of Twitter likes through the pictures you share with others on the platform.   The first and most important thing worth considering as you share your post is to make them attention grabbing.  The simple secret is as you share your photos or virtual image; don’t forget to add content to it too.