Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter Likes in a business

News 09:05 May 2023:

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Twitter is one of the social network’s platforms that a company can use to penetrate the digital market in the modern world. With many people resorting to shopping online at the comfort of their homes on the gadgets, there is the need for a business to build a strong presence online. But with every company resorting to the digital platform, there is the need for a business to employ other means and go an additional mile to stand out of it the fierce competition. Twitter likes an automated service that generates fake likes on a post when shared online. Though known to provide a successful, stable profile online some disadvantages have been associated with the employing of these service in a business which might impact the company negatively. Below are the problems related to the use of this service in a business.

  • No real sales are generated
  • Business integrity is questioned
  • Targeting challenges
  • Spam

No actual sales made: Though an account might have many likes that are produced by this services, without real followers, there will be no sales generated in the business because the organic followers will not be converted to sales. When this has been realized the function of this service will be void because in business any service that has been invested in should bring in revenue.

Business integrity: When a business employs such a service, there is an increase in the likes that will follow any post shared. If a company is in its initial stages, many such likes will raise eyebrows because they are unrealistic. Once the doubts have been raised, the general business integrity will be put to the question which in turn will make the business and all its services not be trusted and have its integrity questioned. This will impact negatively on the general running of the company and reduce its sales and revenues.

Targeting challenges:  With Twitter, there are challenges in finding the right target market for company’s products and services. With such problems associated with Twitter, employing such services will not be beneficial to a company because once the likes have been generated and the post has not reached the ideal market, then no sales will be realized.

Spam: Twitter is meant to be more of a socializing application. When an account engages in marketing of its products and services on this platform, it risks closure. There are strict policies that have been put in place to minimize the levels of marketing on this platform. When an account gets spammed, the whole essence of it being a marketing tool will lose its meaning resulting in loss of customers and revenue

Twitter likes a good service that can help a business scale its business but should be used sparingly because its negative impacts can be harmful to a business. As mentioned above, a company will want to use Twitter as a means of marketing and reach to the vast online market, so little gains will be achieved if an account is either closed of loses integrity in the eyes of the potential clients.